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Water-Jel is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the heat out of a burn while it relieves the pain, cools the skin, and protects against airborne contamination.

Water-Jel delivers all the benefits of cool, clean running water and its always available.

Water dropletWater-Jel is Portable

Water-Jel is portable, so you can apply it to a burn, wrap it lightly and go back to work, home or hospital while Water-Jel continues cooling the burn and relieving the pain. It's the only way to treat burns when on a job site, where water is not readily available.

Water dropletWater-Jel Provides Continuous Pain Relief and Cooling

Water-Jel provides cool, soothing relief that can be reapplied if necessary.

Water dropletWater-Jel Doesn't Evaporate

Water-Jel doesn't quickly evaporate like sterile water does, so it minimises the risk of overcooling the patient, even when treating large burns. Burn sheets or dry dressings soaked with sterile water quickly evaporate, causing the pain to come back and requiring the rewetting of the sheet or dressings, which can cause excessive cooling and even hypothermia.

Water dropletWater-Jel Is Easy to Apply

Suitable for burns large and small. Treating victims of large area and serious burns with sterile water is difficult to manage. With Water-Jel, they are easy to manage. Water-Jel Fire Blankets and Burn Dressings help first responders quickly care for large area burn injuries in one easy step.

Water dropletWater-Jel Helps Prevent Infection

Studies have shown that because Water-Jel covers the burn and contains Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as Tea Tree Oil, it helps prevent infection.

Water dropletWater-Jel Has a Long Shelf Life

Water-Jel has a three year warranty from date of sale. It is naturally bacteriostatic with anti-bacterial activity to help prevent bacterial growth. 

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