Water-Jel sterile Burn Dressings relieve the pain, cool the burn and protect against airborne contamination in one simple step, with no special training required. Using the same gel technology used in our Fire Blankets, these dressings consists of a medical grade, non-woven polyester carrier and are available in five convenient sizes.

Because the gel is water based and water soluble, the dressings won't stick to the wound and the gel can be easily rinsed away.

All dressings can be used on superficial, partial and full thickness burns.

Why the Water-Jel Face Mask

The most important part of the body to save from burns is the face. The five senses are located here and it is also our identity. The dimensions of the Water-Jel Face Mask are 30 x 40 cm with flaps for the eyes, nose and an "H" cut mouth allowing for access to nasal passages, mouth and eyes. These dimensions ensure the coverage and management of thermal damage to the ears which, constructed from cartilage, can melt under extreme temperature.

The Water-Jel Face Mask extends under the chin where the clinically measured amount of excess gel also cools the tracial site.

In all burn management time is important, when the face is burned time is vital!